The 5-Move Workout That Tones Your Entire Body

We're going back to the basics with a sequence that will make you SWEAT.

Quick question for you: Do you want to put more love into each muscle group when you exercise? We hope you said, “Yes, please!”

The strength workout below helps you get more bang for your sweat-session buck by hitting your entire body in a simple, foundational way. These five moves cover all your bases in terms of both movement patterns and muscle groups.

Complete three sets of the exercise sequence, taking a 30-second break in between sets. Perform all exercises with the following rep scheme: 15 reps for the first set, 12 reps for the second set, and 10 reps for the third set. Increase your weight load as you move to each new set.  

Browse the full sequence in the pin-able graphic below, then keep scrolling down for step-by-step move instructions.



back-to-basics workout

The 5-Move Workout That Tones Your Entire Body

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Beth Bischoff


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