The Look-Great-in-Heels Workout

Transform your lower legs and calves so you can WORK those booties this fall.

Fall 2014 is all about booties. If you’ve nabbed a stylish, attention-grabbing pair already, this is the workout that will do those booties proud. The four-exercise circuit targets all of the muscles in your lower legs, including both the large gastrocnemius muscle of your calves and the smaller soleus muscle underneath.  It’s made up of two strength exercises and two plyometric-type movements in order to create serious muscle tone. And an added bonus: This workout will also improve the function and strength of your ankles!

The Workout: Perform three circuits of the following exercises. For each, complete one set of each exercise, then immediately move on to the next exercise. For the first circuit, complete each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds before beginning the second circuit. For the second circuit, complete each exercise for one minute, then rest one minute before beginning the third circuit. For the third circuit, complete each exercise for 90 seconds.

Preview the circuit in the pin-able graphic below, then get the move how-tos in the step-by-step instructions below it.



High Heel Workout

The Look-Great-in-Heels Workout



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