Watch a Paraplegic Woman Walk Down the Aisle on Her Wedding Day

Must. Find. Tissues. Now.

If you’re already feeling a little overwhelmed about how far you have to go to achieve your 2015 resolutions, get ready for some major life motivation. In the video below, Tami Martin, who is paraplegic, walks down the aisle at her wedding.   

According to the video from WXIA-TV in Atlanta, part of Tami’s spine was crushed in a car accident in 1999, leaving her unable to walk. Physical therapy proved challenging, and as time went on, Tami began to gain a great deal of weight. After undergoing surgery, though, a determined Tami started to drop pounds—eventually 192, to be exact.

She also set her sights on making her way towards her now-husband on their wedding day. “I walked down the aisle publicly after being told I would never walk again,” Tami says in the video.

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Watch the full video below for more of Tami’s amazing story:

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