What Women Ages 35-44 Need to Know about Cervical Cancer

This is one case in which ignorance is definitely <em>not</em> bliss.

Even if you consider yourself an expert on your lady parts, you probably didn’t know that more than 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in the U.S. every year and about one-third of those women die from the disease. Scary, right?

The good news is that 91 percent of women who discover they have cervical cancer during the early stages of the disease survive at least five years after diagnosis. Plus, six out of 10 cervical cancers occur in women who have never had a pap test or who haven’t had one in the last five years. So going to your yearly exam might be the most important (and easiest) thing you can do to protect yourself. 

More good news: Besides getting a yearly pap smear, you can arm yourself against the disease by learning more about the symptoms and how to reduce your risk of cervical cancer. Get your knowledge on by checking out the infographic from Genetech below. Then, give your cervix a hug.

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