Warning: Your Heart Might Explode While You Watch These 5 Women Reveal They’re Pregnant

Even if you don’t have babies on the brain, you’ll “ooh” and “aww” over these videos.

Prepare yourself—and your ovaries—for some major adorableness. In potentially the cutest video ever, below, Jessica Devins let her husband know she has a bun in the oven. True fact: We are beaming right now.

For the announcement, Jessica and her hubby popped into a photo booth—something they’ve been doing since their first date, according to the video’s caption on YouTube—and took some photos while Jessica recorded a video. Check out what happened next: 

Does your face hurt from smiling yet? Just wait—there’s more. We rounded up a few more of the most smile-inducing, happy-tear-making videos of women telling their partners they’ve got a baby on board. Go ahead, get your ugly cry on:

The Gift “for Being So Great”: 

The Baby Bottle Swap:

The Scrabble Hack:

The Insane Balloon Display: 

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