Do This Workout for Kickass Pushup Form and Cleavage You’ll Want to Flaunt

Get strong, look sexy? Done and DONE.

It’s a plain, unfortunate fact: Women tend to be particularly weak in the upper-body “pushing” muscles. These include the chest (pectorals), arms (triceps), and shoulders (anterior deltoids). Part of the reason why we’re prone to less-than-stellar pushing abilities is that our daily routines rarely require us to push. We “pull” a lot during a day—opening doors, carrying bags, picking up heavy objects—but we just don’t push much.

And yet, pretty much every woman I know wants to be able to do pushups with good form. It’s a skill that is great to have and is an indication of your overall fitness. Plus, the same muscles that help you perform rock star pushups are responsible for making your chest and cleavage look sexy and feminine—sweetness!

This week’s workout is designed specifically for three reasons: 1) to make you strong—you know I’m all about helping women to be strong; 2) to help you ace the pushups portion of your next bootcamp class; and 3) to make your chest and shoulders look gorg. Sound good?

The Workout: For this routine, you’ll follow a strength-training format called supersets. This means that you pair two exercises and do one right after the other with no rest in between. Then, after this one-two punch of both exercises, you take a one-minute rest. And that, all together, is one superset. You’re going to complete three sets of each superset below for 15 reps on all exercises. Let me give you an example: From below, you will perform Superset 1, which pairs Move 1 and Move 2. You’ll perform 15 reps of Move 1, then immediately perform 15 reps of Move 2. Then you’ll rest for one minute. You’ll repeat this exact superset two more times before moving on to Superset 2. Got it? Let’s do it!

Here’s a rundown of the workout in pin-able form. Keep scrolling for a play-by-play of each exercise.



pushup form and cleavage workout

Do This Workout for Kickass Pushup Form and Cleavage You'll Want to Flaunt

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Thomas MacDonald


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