15 Awesome Throwback Songs to Power Up Your Next Workout

Yes, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" is one of them. (We know you were wondering.)

Every week, Your New Favorite Playlist introduces you to workout-worthy tunes from a different fitness brand. This week, Throwback Fitness shares a recent playlist.

At some point, being active changed from playing fun games in gym class to forcing yourself to eke out another mile on the treadmill. Throwback Fitness, a studio that opened in New York City last year, wants to change all of that. “We try to make our workouts team-based and competitive,” says Brian Gallagher, cofounder of the studio. “We put our own fitness twist on games like dodgeball and capture the flag.”

The studio is also decked out with retro movie posters—so it only follows that its playlists are filled with songs from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s. “We use it to help people think of times they were younger,” says Gallagher. Most classes also involve an activity called “soundtrack.” Gallagher and Wilke will play a song, and anyone who thinks it’s from one decade (say, the ’80s) are instructed to do one exercise (squats, for example); anyone who thinks it’s from another decade (like the ’90s) is told to do another move (such as mountain climbers). The penalty if you guess incorrectly? “Usually three burpees or somewhere along those lines,” says Gallagher.

Here’s the mix from a recent class—rock out to it to stay motivated through your next strength-training or treadmill session. And if you want to play your own version of “soundtrack” at home, we’ve included the years each song came out below!

1. 2007; 2. 2000; 3. 1998; 4. 1982; 5. 1991; 6. 2001; 7. 2001; 8. 2001; 9. 1999; 10. 2004; 11. 2001; 12. 1988; 13. 1993; 15. 1988.

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You can download the playlist on Spotify. Not ready to sweat this second? Sample some of the songs:

Throwback Fitness is located in New York City.

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