Do These 5 Moves to Lose Those Saddlebags

Strengthen your glutes and hamstrings, and look hella good from behind.

So get this: Saddlebags aren’t really saddlebags. I know, I know—one more fitness thing that’s confusing. The truth, though, is that there’s no body part called the saddlebag, and saddlebags aren’t simply fat that is attached to the side of your thigh. “Saddlebags” are an optical illusion, an underdeveloped area just under your tush where the back of your thigh (your hamstring) “ties into” your glutes. We call this area the “glute-hamstring tie-in.”

When the muscles of this area are underdeveloped, the area becomes soft, fat accumulates, and it falls outward to the side, causing the appearance of what people refer to as “saddlebags.” The solution here is to strengthen the muscles that lay under the body fat in this region. This makes the corresponding muscle stronger and more metabolically active, thereby pulling up and inward on the area. Muscle is also a great way to combat extra body fat.

The Workout: For this routine, you’ll complete “straight sets.” That means you’ll perform all sets for each exercise before moving on to the next exercise. The reps, sets, and rest phases are noted in the exercise descriptions below.

Check out our handy pin-able graphic of the workout right here, then keep on scrolling for instructions on each move.

get rid of saddlebags with this workout



see-ya-later saddlebags workout

Do These 5 Moves to Lose Those Saddlebags

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Beth Bischoff


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