Watch Ryan Gosling Prove Yet AGAIN That He Could Not Possibly Be More Perfect

Hey, girl, wanna get married?

Pretty much anything Ryan Gosling says or does makes you collapse into a pile of mush, but this time he’s outdone himself.

Ryan directed a film called Lost River, and after the premiere at South by Southwest, Ryan and the cast took questions from the audience. That’s when Heather MacKay, an instructor at the College of Heath Care Professionals in Austin, Texas, raised her hand and said, “I think your film was amazing, and I’m kind of going to take away from this for a second and ask my girlfriend of 11 years if she’ll marry me.”

She got down on one knee and began her proposal, and that’s when Ryan—the most romantic guy of all time—asked her if she wanted the microphone. Cue the applause.

After Heather finished her sob-inducing speech—and her girlfriend said yes—Ryan said, “Well, let’s get out on that note, shall we?” Well played, sir.

Watch the video to see the cry-worthy moment for yourself:

For more heart-warming reasons why Ryan is the best, check out nine amazing love lessons from him (and the characters he’s played).

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