6 Signs That You Are Officially Burned Out

It’s natural to be stressed around the holidays—or any time of year, really—but how do you know when you’ve reached a breaking point? PureWow is here with some major hints that you’ve run out of steam.

We know you work hard. But if you’re constantly running on empty, it’s going to start showing on your body and in your daily routine. (You know it’s bad when your kid points out the bags under your eyes.) Here, six telltale signs that you could use a little R&R.

eye twitch

via YouTube/CoffeeShopSquatters

1. Your left eye won’t stop twitching.

According to the American Academy of Opthalmology, stress is the number one reason for irritating eye spasms that can cause you to feel and look a little strange. To keep old lefty from going twitchy, try 20 minutes of mindful meditation a day or, when you feel a spasm coming on, close your eyes and breathe deeply.


2. Your period comes early…or late.

Crap, are you pregnant? Nope, you’re just a giant tweak. Turns out, stress affects the part of the brain where the hormones for your period are regulated. So, when you stay up late worrying about that work email, you’re actually telling your reproductive system to halt its natural cycle.

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